Overcrowding in refugee camps

At the moment, camps in Bulgaria are overcrowded, people are sleeping in corridors or even in the streets, because there is no place for them. According to the Bulgarian Red Cross, 1500 refugees are in urgent need of humanitarian aid, and a further 500 are in vulnerable condition. More than 2000 refugees were detained, only in the month of September 2013.



Breaking News: Tension after the death of a refugee in Ovcha Kupel

A 58-year-old Syrian woman who had become ill in the „Reception Center“ in Sofia/Ovcha Kupel had to wait more than 30 minutes for the ambulance. Her son managed it to got to hospital with her by a private car. The woman died in Sofia’s Pirogov emergency hospital. The incident triggered tension, refugees called on the police by themselves to investigate the case. Few times later, Police teams arrived at the „Reception Center“. A spokesperson from the UNCHR said, that the centers, operated by the government, are „overcrowded and the conditions are unsafe and dire“. The State Agency for Refugees (SAR) made a press release about the incident.

Hunger Strikes in Bulgaria’s Detention Centers

Refugees, who stayed this year in the ‚closed camp‘ Lyubimetz said, that they have been beaten by camp officials. The situation in the camp is like a prison, stated a member of the UNHCR – the same goes for the Detention Center in Busmantsi. 2013 several hunger strikes were declared in these centers in June, August and September.